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CryptoValley.Africa is here! The buy and sell anything with Bitcoin and crypto marketplace.

By admin• March 30, 2021

SAFCOIN launches Africa’s first multi-seller crypto powered platform, CryptoVal...

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Beware of Phishing Scams

By admin• April 15, 2020

Here's how you can protect your account from Phishing


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The REAL South African Corona Stats with updated government link.

By admin• March 27, 2020

Let's work together to lower the curve.  Stay home. Stay safe.



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SAFCOIN launches zero-fee Bitcoin trading exchange

By admin• March 18, 2020

zero-fee Bitcoin trading


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Africa’s first blockchain powered freelance marketplace

By admin• February 24, 2020

SAFCOIN launches Africa’s first blockchain-powered jobs marketplace
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What is Safcoin?

By admin• February 02, 2020

Safcoin is the new crypto for Africa. It was built in July 2018 by 3 South African entrepreneu...

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Comparing Bitcoin and SAFCOIN mining.

By admin• October 18, 2019


What’s so great about the beginning stages of a crypto’s...

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Safcoin goes pink for CANSA

By admin• August 29, 2019

SAFCOIN Cryptocurrency goes PINK for CANSA awareness.<...

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Safcoin mining opportunities available

By admin• April 15, 2019

Safcoin launch Africa cloud mining farm. Join the pool and enjoy SAF crypto monthly re...

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Let’s brush up on your crypto lingo.

By admin• April 15, 2019

Crypto-currency Glossary


An online...

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