How to register your account

By admin• December 20, 2018
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Get started with SAFCOIN by registering a free account.  Here is a walk through on how you can register and activate your account.


If you already purchased ICO tokens you can skip the steps below, and click here for ICO account retrieval information.


  1. If you are using the desktop site:
    Click here to go to the SIGN UP page:
    You can download the SAFCOIN mobile app here and click the signup button
  2. Enter your email and choose a password
    Also available is Sign Up with your Google or Facebook Account
  3. Click Signup
  4. Open your email account and follow the link to verify your email address, this link is valid for 30 minutes therefore if you do take slightly longer to activate the link, you must request a reset link by clicking on the SEND AGAIN button next to Email Verification in your profile section.

    Now that you have your account its time to set up your verification details:


  1. Log in (if you are not already logged in)

  2. Go to the Profile section by using the left site menu

  3. Click the submit button next to verify account, fill in your personal details, upload your documentation and submit – Your info will be sent to us for verification and our team will check your details and verify your account.  (This can take up to a few hours)

    You will see the submit button changes to VERIFIED once this process is complete.

  4.  Verify your phone number

  5. Set up Google Authenticator if you are using a smartphone, this adds an extra layers of security to your account.

    See wallet security for more information

  6. Once all the buttons are in VERIFIED status, you’re good to go and can add funds to your wallet to buy SAFCOIN.