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By TEAM SAFCOIN • April 01, 2020
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Earn commission from home when reselling discounted cloud mining packages to the public, online.


Western Cape – April 2020 – FHM (Pty) LTD, a South African blockchain company, has announced a reseller opportunity for SAFCOIN. In selling discounted cloud mining packages to the public, resellers can earn additional passive income, while new miners can start earning guaranteed rewards.

Launched on the SAFCOIN cryptocurrency blockchain in 2019, the Cloud Mining Pools offered by the SAFCOIN mining farm give all South Africans an opportunity to join the cryptocurrency mining revolution – no experience, equipment, or expensive electricity set-ups needed.


Stay and work from home


A new block is created on the SAFCOIN blockchain every two-and-a-half minutes. When this happens, miners are guaranteed rewards in the form of SAFCOIN cryptocurrency.


“We have been overwhelmed by requests from individuals and entrepreneurs to consider a reseller offering that lets members earn a second income on their cloud mining packages,” says FHM and SAFCOIN CEO, Neil Ferreira. “We have responded to this market demand and are now offering the public an opportunity to sell mining packages at a 10% discount to their networks.”


In return, you will earn 20% cash commission on the total discounted pool price, which works out to between R630 and R5,220 in commission per sale. This is instantly available to withdraw into any South African bank account.


How it works


SAFCOIN, an exclusive South African cryptocurrency, was launched in December 2018. To protect it against a 51% attack, the decentralised SAFCOIN mining farm also launched, offering cloud mining pool packages to individual miners, who earn SAFCOIN rewards each time a block is created. Pay-outs are made every month into miners’ SAFCOIN wallets.


Each month, around 172,000 coins are mined on the SAFCOIN mining farm. Seventy percent of these are distributed to cloud pool investors. Only five million coins will be mined over the next five years.


Now, you can register as reseller – for free – and earn commission selling mining pool packages to their networks using their unique reseller code and URL. They also get marketing material and technical support to help them scale their online business. Commission on sales is paid instantly and can be transferred to any South African bank account.


Buyers who use a reseller code when purchasing a mining package will qualify for a 10% discount on the total package amount.


New miners can choose from three packages:






Normal once-off fee




Discounted once-off fee when purchased through a registered reseller




Reseller commission




Guaranteed earning potential

2.5 SAFCOIN a month for 12 months

10 SAFCOIN a month for 12 months

22.5 SAFCOIN a month for 12 months


* Only 100 of each package will be made available at these prices.

** Mining contracts are valid for 12 months.

*** One SAF is currently worth $7.72 (R137.87).


Income security


As many as 1 million South Africans could lose their jobs due to the Coronavirus outbreak, which many economists believe will push South Africa into a recession. This is devastating for a country that already suffers from a 29.1% unemployment rate.


Reselling mining for SAFCOIN gives individuals a chance to earn a passive online income, either on the side of a full-time job or as their only source of income.


“SAFCOIN is fortunate to be in a position to help struggling South Africans to earn an income online and we do not take this responsibility lightly,” says Ferreira. “We will do everything we can to support the South African – and African – economy using our blockchain platform to create jobs, educate people, and provide more opportunities for individuals to join the cryptocurrency revolution.”

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SAFCOIN is a cryptocurrency founded by Africans, for Africans. Launched on 13 December 2018, following a successful ICO between July and October 2018, SAFCOIN is now available in South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, and Nigeria, for Fiat deposits, transactions, and withdrawals.


It aims to promote social and economic growth across the continent, by becoming the chosen source of trading currency across Africa, through e-commerce payments and remittances.


SAFCOIN supports a wide range of payment methods, facilitated through SAFPay, a bespoke cryptocurrency payment gateway that charges zero transaction fees for SAFCOIN payments and a low 2% for Bitcoin payments. This makes SAFPay more affordable than other payment gateways.

The SAFCOIN cryptocurrency is a POW coin that’s mined on a Scrypt algorithm.

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