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By TEAM SAFCOIN • September 22, 2019
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Safcoin Launches a unique reseller business opportunity, for 10 start-up crypto entrepreneurs.

We have been prodigiously approached for re-seller rights on the Safcoin Mining pool packages from various entrepreneurs across Africa.
People in Africa are desperate for new business ventures and we are blessed to be in a position to help. We are focused to play a massive part in creating opportunities, jobs, education and any assistance in the crypto blockchain revolution. Whenever we can aid to the African economy, we will.

The Safcoin mining re-seller Business opportunity
Safcoin has been contacted by many individuals and entrepreneurs requesting a kind of registered re-seller opportunity on the mining pool farm packages. The ideas were taken forward and planned.
This is your opportunity to join the world of crypto digital mining and earn a passive income.
Here is the business opportunity.
Only 10 re-seller packages available. We want to work close with the re-sellers to achieve their ROI therefore we only launch with 10 re-seller licences. First come first serve. Business package owners must be able to follow their own business creativity in terms of marketing funnels, employing sales agents etc. Safcoin will be of assistance with marketing material artwork for online or print.

Cost R20 000 once off.
What you get:
Lioness pool valued at R7500, receive 240 SAF coins for the year.
Unique re-seller code. Your customers will enjoy 10% less when using your re-seller code.
Code is valid for 12 months
You will receive 20 pool packages of each of the 3 options to sell at a 10% discounted price, total of 60 pool packages.
Commission is 20% cash on the 10% discounted pool price.
Once your 60 pool packages are sold you can request a top-up to sell more.
Marketing material provided
Sell in your own time, anywhere into Africa. Online or direct marketing. No boundaries.

Break down on the Return On your Investment
20 x Cubs @ R2250 = R45 000
20x Lioness’s @ R6750 = R135 000
20x Kings @ R13 500 = R270 000
Total: R450 000 @ 20% commission
Total Cash commission R90 000
Lioness pool crypto rewards: 240 SAF

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How does the Safcoin mining Farm work?
Safcoin was launched on 13 December 2018 to be an all exclusive African payment crypto. Mining commenced on the same day to validate blockchain transactions. To protect the new crypto from a potential 51% attack, a Safcoin mining farm was launched. The Safcoin mining farm offers pool packages for individuals to join the Safcoin mining and earn SAF rewards when blocks are created every 2.5 mins. on the blockchain.
The Safcoin mining farm helps new start-up crypto miners join the revolution of Digital mining without any experience, expensive equipment or intensive electricity setups, not to mention electricity bills. 
China is mining 80% of Bitcoin, you can't compete against that!
SAFCOIN is Africa's very own crypto, the crypto for you NOT the Chinese.
Individuals can join the Safcoin Crypto Mining Pool and earn their guaranteed share of the mining rewards.
Pool packages are once off purchases between R2 500 - R15 000. Members then receive SAF crypto rewards monthly for a duration of 12 months. Pool packages are limited.
The mining pool members can enjoy a 100% Guaranteed SAF crypto payout direct into your wallet, every month for a full year.
No equipment, No experience needed.
We mine for you!
See the Pool packages here